How To Ship And Complete An Order (And Get Paid)

– Sign into your PayPal account on the Scuphed Dashboard > Payments area to be able to make sales online through PayPal. Then read our money-back guarantee to ensure you follow the proper procedure for sales to be eligible for seller protection.

– Once you have made a sale, securely pack your item(s) into a box or parcel, and if you have a scale at home weigh the package and measure its dimensions, then create a shipping label in paypal or on your preferred shipping carriers website, print it and attach it to the package, then drop the package at the shipping carrier/post office. If you don’t have a scale, take the parcel to the carrier/post office, they can weigh and measure it for you, and you can pay for the shipping there. Ship it to your buyer at the shipping address provided by them, which you can find in the sale email you received or within your Dashbord > Sales area on the order’s details. When shipping ensure you make it a tracked shipment so you are eligible for seller protection. To learn more about creating a PayPal shipping label click here.

– Once the item is shipped, add the tracking information to the order within PayPal. You can add tracking information to an order by logging into your PayPal account, going to the payment received for the sale, and on the payment details page click the “add tracking info” button, fill in the details of the shipment such as the carrier and tracking number, then submit it.

– Upon the package being marked as delivered by the tracking information, go to your Scuphed Dashboard > Sales area and select the correct order, then within the shipping info area enter the shipment details and mark the package as delivered.
Alternatively, you may simply ask your buyer to mark the order as received on their Scuphed Account > Orders area.
Doing either of these actions marks the item as delivered in our system and begins processing your payout.
(We know this last step is inconvenient, we plan on automating this system in the future so we are notified automatically when a package is delivered, we apologize for the inconvenience in the meantime)

Once we are notified that the package was delivered, your money will be released within 5-7 days of the delivery date shown on the tracking information. (Please note PayPal may hold your money for longer periods and we have no control over this)

Congratulations you have now successfully completed an order!