Frequently Asked Questions:


Seller protection is only eligible for sneakers sold for less than $1000. To sell sneakers worth more than $1000 with full protection against fraudulent buyers you will have to do so through our authentication program.

You are probably thinking the reason for this is to force you to sell with higher seller fees so we make more money. While making more money is nice, that really is not the case, hence why the authentication program fees are specifically lowered for sneakers above $1000 (we really don’t make any money from this program at the current fees). In reality, we do this to protect you as a seller, as although our seller protection is extremely strong, it is not bulletproof. If you have ever resold anything before, you know the horror stories of fraudulent transactions disputes, where the platform favors the scammer because they cannot figure out who is in the right *cough PayPal*. This is the reality of money-back guarantees, while the vast majority of the time the person in the right will come out on top, this unfortunately is not always the case. However, when selling through our authentication program, you have a 0% chance of being scammed/defrauded by a fraudulent buyer, as once your sneakers are authenticated by Scuphed, you are paid out and Scuphed then takes on the responsibility of the transaction.

If your thinking “yeah right your acting like you care if sellers get scammed, you don’t actually care because it doesn’t effect you.”, I understand where your coming from, but you are incorrect. If any case of fraud happens on this platform it hurts our reputation, hurts the community’s trust in our platform, and is extremely frustrating for us because we hate scammers, and always strive to be the best platform for honest buyers and sellers.



Messages on the Account page are the messages you send to sellers about their sneakers.
Messages on the Seller Dashboard are the messages you receive for the sneakers you are selling.

Orders on the Account page are for sneakers you have purchased.
Orders on the Seller Dashboard are for sneakers you have sold.

Your Account page is for all information involving you as a buyer, and your Seller Dashboard is for all information involving you as a seller.



If you have multiple sizes of the same sneaker but don’t want to make multiple listings for it, you may include the other size options within one listing. To do this, when creating a new listing:

– Click the “Basic Sneaker Listings” field, and select “Multiple Sizes” from the dropdown.
– Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and select the sizes you have, and the condition for all the shoes.
– Go to the “Multiple Sizes” tab, and at the top you will see two dropdowns, one that says “Any Size” and one that says “Any Condition”. Select one of the sizes from the dropdown, and the condition it is in from the other dropdown.
– Fill out all the information about that pair of sneakers.
– Then select the green “+” at the bottom right corner and repeat the above steps for the next pair.

Once you submit the listing buyers will have the option to select and purchase any of the pairs you have listed.



PayPal: “When some sellers receive payments, we may hold the money in their pending balance for up to 21 days. We want to make sure that there are no problems with the orders, such as disputes, claims, returns, or chargebacks. After we determine that the order was fulfilled and the customer is satisfied, we may release the money earlier.”

Stripe: For new sellers, once they have shipped an order, their funds will be released 30 days after the package has been marked as delivered by the shipment carrier (30 days due to our money-back guarantee). However, once deemed trustworthy, for any order worth less than $750, sellers funds will be released within 5 days of the package being marked as delivered by the shipment carrier.

For sellers who neglect to add tracking information to their order and wave their seller protection, their funds may be held for up to 120 days, or until the buyer has confirmed their satisfaction or that 30 days have passed since the time of the package delivery.


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Deadstock: Brand new, never worn sneakers

VNDS/PADS (Very Near Deadstock / Pass As Deadstock): Sneakers that are like new, with no noticeable use

Scuphed: Sneakers with noticeable use

Very Worn: Sneakers that have heavy use


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Following a seller is a way to keep track of them and their listings. When following a seller, you will receive email updates whenever they post a new listing. You can also keep track of all the sellers you are following from the “Following” tab on your Account page, so you can periodically check them out whenever you feel like.


[expand title=”CANCELLING AND REFUNDING ORDERS” tag=”h3″]

Cancelling Orders:

Find the order you would like to cancel on your orders page and select the “View Details” button (the button with the eye), then click on the “Order Status” dropdown at the top of the page and select “Cancelled”.

Refunding Orders:

Find the order you would like to refund on your orders page, and select the “Refund Order” Button (the button with two arrows on it). Explain the reason for the refund and submit it.


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On Scuphed we have badges that signify certain things.

Here are the current badges we use on Scuphed, and what they mean:

Legit Checked:

This Badge is for sneakers that have been legit checked by Scuphed. For sneakers to be legit checked by Scuphed they should include as many detailed photos of the shoes as possible. Ideally there should be photos of every side of the shoes (Front & back, left & right side, bottoms), a photo of the size tag, and a photo of the shoes box label. However, some sneakers may be legit checked for less, but the more details included in the listing the more likely the sneakers are to receive the “Legit Checked” badge, as we are more likely to be able to authenticate the pair.

Verified Seller:

The verified seller badge is for seller’s who have applied to become a verified and have been accepted. To learn more about verified sellers and how you can become one click here.

The Plug:

The Plug is for sellers who have sold 30 pairs of sneakers or more on Scuphed either through PayPal or Stripe.

Day Job:

Day Job is for users who have sold more than $5,000 worth of sneakers on Scuphed either through PayPal or Stripe.