Transaction Disputes


Sometimes things go wrong with an order, this is a normal part of business, and is generally the result of a simple misunderstanding or human error.

As a buyer, if something goes wrong with your order, what steps should you take?

Firstly, contact the seller directly to try and resolve the issue that way. Often issues are a result of a misunderstanding or human error, and the vast majority of the time sellers will correct any issue within reason. You could contact the seller through our “Message” system, that allows you to send a message to the seller from one of their listings or their seller store page. Or you could contact them by email, phone, or social media if they have made any of that info available on their store.

If you cannot solve your issue directly with the seller, you may then escalate the issue by going to your Account page, going to Orders, then pressing the “Refund” button found on the order you would like to dispute. Scuphed support will become involved and work with you and the seller to try and resolve the issue.

Finally, if an agreement still cannot be met, Scuphed will investigate the matter and make a decision on the issue based on the given facts.

When making a decision, other than material facts surrounding the order, Scuphed may factor in things such as:

– Sellers past sales history
– Buyers past purchase history
– Seller’s account age
– Buyer’s account age
– Seller’s public reputation
– Buyer’s public reputation

As a seller, if a buyer is disputing a transaction, how should you deal with it?

As quoted by PayPal, here are some valuable tips when dealing with buyers:

– Presume good faith. Begin the conversation with an open mind and listen to what the buyer has to say before making any assumptions. Many problems result from miscommunication and simple human error.

– Be constructive. Make it clear to your buyer that you want to find a resolution, and your customer will usually reciprocate. This early show of mutual respect should make the rest of the conversation more productive.

– Stay focused on solutions. If your patience is wearing thin, resist the temptation to give your customer a piece of your mind – it will only make it harder for you to come to an agreement.

– Think long term. Not every battle is worth fighting. If you give the buyer a break today, you may open the door to more business opportunities tomorrow.

– Pre-empt disputes. The Resolution Centre allows you to enter messages that all your buyers will see before they can open a dispute. For example, if you post a message that says, “All shipments out of Cornwall are currently delayed due to the extreme weather,” you give your buyer an opportunity to understand the situation before filing a dispute.

– Always respond in a timely matter to show you are engaged with the buyer and take their concerns seriously.