Listing Standards

any mens or gender neutral apparel is welcome, but you may not list any inauthentic or replica merchandise.

Any listings we deem to have a market value of below $20 uSD will be removed to reduce the amount of undesirable listings in the marketplace. This reduces listing clutter and increases listing quality, ensuring a better experience for everyone using scuphed.

Our listing creation page was designed to be as simple as possible and only contains fields for the most important details of the item, so we encourage users to fill out all fields as the bare minimum when creating a listing.

Photo Standards

All listing’s should contain high quality images of the following:

Brand/Size Tag

Wash/Care Tag

Brand Stamp Or Badge

Hardware branding such as zipper engraving

Any serial numbers the item may have


Any other unique details about the garment

If the listing is a pair of shoes, ensure you include:

The inner size tag

The box and box tag (if you have it)

The shoes outsoles

The shoes insoles

The tongue

The back and front of the shoes

Any accessories included with the shoes

Listings containing stock images are discouraged, but if you do use them there should be 6 photos of your garment for every 1 stock image used, and stock images should be put last, not used as the primary images

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Outerwear Size

Bottoms Size

Footwear Size

Accessories Size

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