Verified Seller Information

Verified Seller Information

What Is A Verified Seller On Scuphed?

A Verified Seller is someone who has been deemed trustworthy enough to be granted the ability to sell sneakers covered by Scuphed’s money-back guarantee. This person generally has a fair amount of experience selling authentic sneakers and is someone who buyers can be confident purchasing from.

A Few Things To Note:

– It is unlikely you will be accepted to become a Verified Seller unless you have a social media account where you routinely sell sneakers, and have done so for a reasonable amount of time (not a brand new account). This is unless with substantial proof you are able to convince us you are trustworthy through some other way.

– Once verified, sellers will have the option to link their banking information via Stripe on their account dashboard so they can be paid out for their sales. The “Connect with Stripe” button redirects you to Stripe’s own secure platform for you to enter your banking information, and once completed redirects you back to Scuphed. Scuphed does not ever, and cannot ever see any of your banking information through this process. It is all kept securely with Stripe. Once connected, verified sellers will have the option to sell their sneakers through Stripe, which is currently fee-less and will make all their sales covered by our money-back guarantee.

– All Verified Sellers will have a blue checkmark appear next to their name on their sneaker listings. This lets users know they are purchasing from a trustworthy source.

How To Apply:

– From you seller dashboard go to the “Profile” tab on your vendor dashboard, and then click the “Verification” option. There you will shown the application to become a Verified Seller.

Things We Ask In The Application:

– We ask for a photo of your face, as well as a piece of ID. This is to confirm your identification.

– We ask why we should trust you to sell using our money-back guarantee. This is where you will describe your experience selling sneakers and any sneaker social media account you may own or are a part of.

– We ask for an Instagram @. Preferably both your sneaker page and personal account, but whichever is most applicable.

– We ask for your address. This is to both confirm with your ID as well as give us insight into where our Verified Sellers are generally located.