Verified Seller Information

Verified Seller Information

Before you apply to become a Verified Seller there are a few things to note:

-Verified Sellers will have to link their banking information via the “Connect with Stripe” button on their account dashboard so they can be paid out for their sales. The “Connect with Stripe” button redirects you to Stripe’s own secure platform for you to enter your banking information, and once completed redirects you back to Scuphed. You will know it has been successful when the button changes from “Connect with Stripe” to “Stripe Connected”. Stripe is one of the biggest and most trustworthy payment platforms on the planet, and because our payments are set up this way Scuphed does not see or keep any of your banking information on our platform, it is all kept securely with Stripe.

-Verified Sellers will have all of their products made available to be purchased through Scuphed’s money-back guarantee which will incur a 5% fee on any of the sellers products sold this way. If you have a product listing that you do not want to be sold using our money-back guarantee it is recommended that you either:
A. Make a separate Scuphed account for such products.
B. Mention this in the description of your product listing (and possibly offer a discounted price in the product description for your preferred way of payment to encourage buyers).
Regardless, once a product is purchased with our money-back guarantee the payment cannot be reversed unless it falls under our money-back guarantee criteria.

-All Verified Sellers will have a blue checkmark appear next to their name on their sneaker listings. This allows users to know which products can be purchased with Scuphed’s money-back guarantee.

-Verified Sellers should include all countries they are willing to ship to when making a product listing as leaving out a country will make potential buyers from that area unable to purchase your listing using our money-back guarantee.
Applying to become a verified seller:
Using our “Verified Seller Registration” form you can register to become a Verified Seller on Scuphed. You may noticed we ask for your Instagram handle along with the question “Why should we trust you to sell with our money-back guarantee?”.

We ask for your Instagram as Scuphed follows every Verified Seller on our platform, it is our way of connecting to the community and allows for another means of communication. We also do this in case you have a social media page you use to sell sneakers so we can verify you.

We ask the question “Why should we trust you to sell with our money-back guarantee?” because we want to know what experience you have with selling sneakers to ensure you don’t accidentally (or purposely) sell unauthentic sneakers using our money-back guarantee. Whether you have a social media page dedicated to selling sneakers, you have experience legit checking items, or you just like to sell sneakers as a hobby, we want to hear about it. However please note, we take our Verified Sellers very seriously so if you don’t seem to have enough experience your application may be rejected.