Seller Fees

Current Seller Fees

PayPal Seller Fee: 2.9% + $0.30 (USD)

Stripe Seller Fee: None

Why Seller Fees Will Stay Low

I know most people’s biggest problem with clothing marketplaces nowadays are the exorbitantly high seller fees. That is why I thought I should make a page dedicated to why Scuphed’s fees will never be anywhere near our competitor’s.

How We Make Our Money:

Most clothing marketplaces make all/the majority of their money from seller fees. This is why they do not let you share contact details with others or any other details that could get you to transact some other way, because if the sale does not happen on their platform, they do not make money.

Scuphed on the other hand, will make the majority of it’s money from donations, and clothing sales on This is why we have a map page, and allow users to communicate with each other in any means they choose, and transact in any way they wish.


Most, if not all, of the clothing marketplaces you have used to buy and sell clothing are companies that have shareholders. Shareholders put extreme pressure on companies to constantly increase revenue each year by any means. This is why companies are constantly raising fees, or finding some other way to squeeze money out of their users. Take for example Ebay’s “Sell Sneakers For Free” program they run right now. This program was a way to get more people to start selling sneakers on their platform, so they have a new significant source of revenue when they raise fees. Because, spoilers, that program will not be free for long. In fact, because they authenticate the sneakers before they arrive to the buyer, I imagine their “Sell Sneakers For Free” program will end up having higher fees than their normal platform, as their normal platform does not have this extra authentication step.

Scuphed however, does not have shareholders, and likely will never specifically for this reason. If I was gonna sell out, I would rather do it 100%, not half ass it.

Our Business Model:

Finally, and most importantly, our business model would not work with high fees. On Scuphed the map page is the heart of our website, it is what makes our marketplace different. But, there is a reason almost no other clothing marketplace offers a map, because it does not work with a high fee selling model. If your fees are too high, people will simply only use your website to meet people locally, which would not make you any money.

I decided to make this page as I know this is a topic that is very important to everyone who buys and sells sneakers. With already slim profit margins when buying and selling, selling fees can be the difference between making a profit or losing money. If you have any questions about this page, want to discuss, or even want to challenge me because you don’t believe me (which is understandable cuz I wouldn’t believe me either) shoot me a message on our “Contact Us” page, or on Instagram @scuphed_.

-Scuphed Admin