Seller Fees

Current Seller Fees

Scuphed Fee: 0%

Stripe Processing Fee: 4%

PayPal Seller Fee: 2.9% + $0.30

Why Seller Fees Will Stay Low

I know most people’s biggest problem with clothing marketplaces nowadays are the exorbitantly high seller fees. That is why I thought I should make a page dedicated to why Scuphed will never have high seller fees.


Our business model would not work with high fees for three reasons:

1. COMPETITION: Other platforms have had years of building a base of loyal buyers and sellers, which is why people still stick around even if the fees are extremely high. If Scuphed were to have high fees we would lose all our userbase to the marketplaces that have been around forever as they have a bigger userbase and users are more familiar with the platform.

2. SNEAKER MAP: Our sneaker map page impedes our ability to leverage high fees. When a website has an option to sell for free, and then an option to sell with a huge cut to your profits, chances our users are likely to only use the free option, and the rest of the marketplace will fade into irrelevance.

3. SELLER’S CONTACT INFO: On Scuphed we allow sellers to share their personal and social contact information with buyers so they may choose to transact any way they choose. The only reason buyers and sellers would choose to transact on our platform is if fees remain low. If fees were to be too high, they would simply agree to transact another cheaper way.

So your probably saying “Yeah well what if you just remove those features, or put a pay wall in front of them to make it an even playing field”, and to that I say, absolutely nothing you clearly know too much, have you been feeling suicidal lately? Because keep talking like that and I can see it in your future.


Most clothing marketplaces make all/the majority of their money from seller fees. This is why they do not let you share contact details with others or any other details that could get you to transact some other way, because if the transaction does not happen on their platform, they do not make money.

Scuphed on the other hand, will make the majority of it’s money from raffle proceeds such as clothing sales on This is why we have a sneaker map page, allow users to communicate with each other in any means they choose, and transact in any way they wish. Our business model doesn’t rely on squeezing every last dollar of profit from your sales. If clothing sales are not enough, we will move onto advertising. If advertising isn’t enough I will have a temper tantrum and damage inanimate objects and hurt myself in the process. This probably wouldn’t help the financial situation, I would just be very unhappy. Basically I will strive to raise capital from any means other than raising fees.

So does this mean Scuphed will always have a Stripe fee of 0% and a PayPal fee of 2.9% +0.30? Of course not, knowing you money hungry gremlin goblins raising fees will be inevitable with all the silly disputes I am gonna have to deal with. “Wahhhh, he sent the shoes but it looks like somebody pooped in them. Wahhhh”. Grow up, your incessant disputes are the reason fees have to be raised, you’re ruining the fun for everyone.

The point is, one thing you can maybe, kind of, possibly be sure of is that fees will never be high, because my business model at this very second does not allow for it. *cough*

I would also mention how morally terrible it would be for me to plain out lie and say fees will stay low but then go and make them high, but nobody cares or would believe I have feelings so.

I decided to make this page as I know this is a topic that is very important to everyone who buys and sells sneakers. With already slim profit margins when buying and selling, selling fees can be the difference between making a profit or losing money. If you have any questions about this page, want to discuss, or even want to challenge me because you don’t believe me (which is understandable cuz I wouldn’t believe me either) shoot me a message on our “Contact Us” page, or on Instagram @scuphed_. Or don’t, and just blindly trust me. That would be cool too.

-Scuphed Admin