Mail-In Entries

20 Entries For Mail-In

To mail in entries, hand write the following on the front of a 3×5 card, your full name, Scuphed Username, address, city, state/province, Country, zip/postal code, e-mail address, telephone number, and date of birth. Insert card in a #10 envelope and mail to: Scuphed giveaways, PO BOX 99900 DP 263 875, RPO LITTLE ITALY, vancouver, bC, V5L 0B5 (each envelope must be mailed individually) – return address and Scuphed mailing address must be handwritten. No photocopies, facsimiles or reproductions of mail-in entry will be accepted. Bulk shipments (multiple entries in one shipping package) will not be accepted. Metered mail will not be accepted. All mail-in entries must include all requested information (as stated above) to be considered a valid entry. Mail-in entries received that follow the instructions noted above will earn twenty (20) entries per envelope. to have your entries awarded to you in time for an upcoming giveaway, ensure they are delivered before the end date of the giveaway, to give yourself time to allocate them to the giveaway before the end date.

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