How To Sell

Becoming A Seller

Anyone can post sneaker listings for free on Scuphed, it is as simple as signing up for an account, then heading to your Seller Dashboard and clicking the “Create New Listing” button.

To Sell Online Using Our Money-Back Guarantee:

– Connect your PayPal account so you can be paid out for sales by going to your settings in the vendor dashboard, going to the payments tab, selecting PayPal from the dropdown, clicking the “Connect With PayPal” button, and logging into your PayPal account.

– Still within your settings, go to the shipping tab, select “Create Shipping Profile” next to “Flat Rate”, then create a shipping profile to set where you will ship sneakers to, and for how much. Then when you create a listing, you can select one of the shipping profiles you have created to set where those specific sneakers ship to, and for how much.

(Don’t forget to select a shipping profile when you are creating a listing, or else your sneakers will have no set shipping rules and will not be able to be purchased by users)

Becoming A Verified Seller

Want to become a verified seller on Scuphed to be given the ability to sell products backed by our money-back guarantee? Please read through our Verified Seller Info page and if you are still interested go to the “Profile” tab on your vendor dashboard, and then click the “Verification” option. There you will shown the application to become a Verified Seller.