On Scuphed we have badges that signify certain things.

Here are the current badges we use on Scuphed, and what they mean:

Legit Checked:

This Badge is for sneakers that have been legit checked by Scuphed. For sneakers to be legit checked by Scuphed they should include as many detailed photos of the shoes as possible. Ideally there should be photos of every side of the shoes (Front & back, left & right side, bottoms), a photo of the size tag, and a photo of the shoes box label. However, some sneakers may be legit checked for less, but the more details included in the listing the more likely the sneakers are to receive the “Legit Checked” badge, as we are more likely to be able to authenticate the pair.

Verified Seller:

The verified seller badge is for seller’s who have applied to become a verified and have been accepted. To learn more about verified sellers and how you can become one click here.

The Plug:

The Plug is for sellers who have sold 30 pairs of sneakers or more on Scuphed either through PayPal or Stripe.

Day Job:

Day Job is for users who have sold more than $5,000 worth of sneakers on Scuphed either through PayPal or Stripe.