Authentication Program

Authentication Program Fees:

Sneakers Below $500: 8% + $20

+ Stripe Processing Fee: 4%

Sneakers $500-$999: 8%

+ Stripe Processing Fee: 4%

Sneakers Above $1000: 5%

+ Stripe Processing Fee: 4%

*Authentication Program Currently Only Open To Sellers In Canada*

What is Scuphed’s Authentication Program?

When selling through our authentication program, sellers will send their sneakers to us, where we then authenticate them, and then send them to the buyer. This solution helps all parties:

For buyers, sneakers bought through our authentication program are guaranteed authentic, so buyers never have to worry that the shoes they are purchasing are fake. This removes the hassle of buyers having to legit check the sneakers themselves, and then having to open a transaction dispute in hopes of getting their money back.

For sellers, our authentication program removes the headache of fraudulent transaction disputes where a buyer may try to dispute their purchase as fake (even if it is authentic), or try to make a chargeback on the payment. Once Scuphed authenticates your sneakers, you will be paid out. After you are paid out all responsibility for the transaction will then be on Scuphed, removing any chance of the seller being on the receiving end of a payment scam/fraudulent transaction dispute. The only situation where a transaction may be reversed is if a buyer requests a refund within the 3 day time frame of receiving the sneakers, in which case the sneakers will be returned to Scuphed, verified that they are in the same condition that they were sent, then shipped back to you the seller, and the payment will be returned to the buyer.

(Side Note: Our authentication program may also make buyers more inclined to purchase from you, even at a higher price, as they may have more confidence in the transaction being guaranteed authentic. This may allow you to charge a higher price to help offset the fees associated with the program.)

How To Sell Sneakers Through Our Authentication Program:

1. Become verified (learn how to do that here)
2. Configure your “Authentication Program” flat rate shipping profile (learn how to do that here).
3. Create the listing for the sneakers that you want to sell through our authentication program, and in the shipping tab set the shipping method to the “Authentication Program” shipping profile, and set the weight and dimensions of the sneakers INCLUDING the shipping box and any other packing material (Disregard the text saying “Not Shipping Box”, this does not apply to the Authentication Program).
3. Add a * to the beginning of the sneaker name
4. Add clear photos of every side of the sneakers, as well as the label and box.
5. Make sure all information is accurate and submit the listing.

Upon review if your sneakers are accepted they will be listed. Once your sneakers sell, you will be sent a prepaid shipping label to your email, to which you will simply print and affix to your box, and drop it off at the given carrier location, or we can arrange for the carrier to pick the package up from you.

(Scuphed will reimburse you for the cost of shipping upon the authentication of the sneakers)

Once your sneakers are authenticated you will be payed out within 72 hours.

Authentication Program Refunds:

Buyers have 3 days to request a return from the date they receive their sneakers. You will ship your sneakers to Scuphed, where they will be verified to be returned in the same condition they were sent, and upon verification we will refund you for the amount you paid, minus the shipping costs to and from you. This refund will be issued in the form of Scuphed credit to use on future purchases. If your sneakers are returned not in the same condition they were sent in, you will have the option to pay for the sneakers to be shipped back to you, or kept by us.


No refunds?

Authentication Program Rules:

Each time you cancel an order, your fees will be increased on your next order. We do this to discourage sellers from cancelling orders, as it is bad for user experience.