Authentication Program Shipping Profile

To use our authentication program, you will have to set up a flat rate shipping profile in your store settings. This is very simple, and the steps are as follows:

1. Go to your seller dashboard and go to settings
2. Go to the Shipping tab
3. Click the “Configure” button next to “Flat Rate”
4. Select “Create A Profile”
5. Make the title “Authentication Program”
6. In the box below, select Canada, then next to it input the shipping cost as $30
6. Select the “+” button, and add united states as another shipping country, and input the shipping cost as $45
7. Press save and your finished!

You can now easily add the “Authentication Program” shipping profile to any products you want to sell through Scuphed’s Authentication Program. When adding a new product, simply go to the shipping tab, select “Flat Rate” then select the “Authentication Program” profile from the dropdown.