Auctions Info

How Auctions Work

Starting An Auction

To start an auction, head to the “My Sneakers” tab, or the “Auctions” tab, and press the “Add New” button. From there, click on the dropdown that says “Basic Sneaker Listing”, and select “Auction” from the dropdown options. Then fill out all the relevant information for your auction sneakers, and then had to the bottom of the page to fill out the auction info.

Auction Options:

“Buy Now”: Offer a buy now price where users may purchase your auction immediately for a price you set.

“Proxy Auction”: Users will place their highest

“Silent Auction”: Users submit a bid, but all bids are hidden from bidders. Bidders never know the highest bid, and bid blindly in hopes that they have the highest bid.

(If neither “Proxy” nor “Silent” auction are chosen, your auction will simply be a classic auction, where users place bids manually against each other in hopes that they have the highest bid before the time runs out.)

Auction Rules

Bidders: When Participating in an auction you must purchase your auction winnings within 3 calendar days of winning, or face punishment. Your punishment after not paying for auctions you participate in is a strike. After 3 strikes, you will no longer be able to participate in auctions for 6 months. If you do participate in an auction while banned, your account will suspended indefinitely.

Auction Hosts: You must ship the auction winnings within 10 days of payment, or face a strike. After 3 strikes you will no longer be able to host an auction for 6 months. If you host an auction while banned your account will be suspended indefinitely.

As an auction host, if the highest bidder does not purchase their auction winnings within 3 days of the auctions close, you may contact us on our contact page and request that we remove the highest bidder from the auction, so the second highest bidder becomes the winner. The second highest bidder will then be able to purchase the auction at their highest bid price.