What Is Scuphed

Scuphed is a person to person sneaker marketplace where people can find and purchase shoes with freedom. Buy and sell sneakers using our money-back guarantee, meet with local sellers, or arrange another way to pay. The choice is yours.

Scuphed’s Buyer & Seller Protection/Money-back Guarantee

Want to add a layer of security to your sales? It is absolutely free to buy and sell on Scuphed, but you also have the option to apply to become a Verified Seller on Scuphed and sell sneakers covered by our money-back guarantee to increase confidence in transactions for both you and your buyers (click here to learn about how to become a Verified Seller). By selling with our buyer/seller protection you will be charged 5.0% of a transactions total sale price. This 5.0% fee is to cover Stripes 2.9% + $0.30 base transactional fee as well as Stripe Connect Express fees (Stripe Connect Express is what we use on Scuphed to payout sellers and ensure secure transactions). All Stripe Connect Express fees can be found at this link https://stripe.com/en-ca/connect/pricing (the middle column is for Stripe Connect Express fees). As shown, fees get complicated, so instead of charging sellers multiple varying charges at different times, we at Scuphed decided a flat 5% fee would be more reasonable.

What We consider “hype” and “general” footwear

On Scuphed we categorize footwear in two ways; “Hype” and “General”. Hype footwear is footwear that:
-Has a reputation for reselling for more than its original retail price
-Is known as a luxury brand
-Is limited in release quantity (rare)

General footwear is simply anything that does not fall under Hype.


At Scuphed we embrace all corners of sneaker culture, and it would not be true sneaker culture unless raffles were involved. Shoes to be raffled off can be found on our Raffles page, and instructions about how to enter to win each pair will be included in each individual posting (instructions for each raffle may differ). To view all our raffle rules please visit our Raffle Rules page.